How many rings do I need? 

Approximately ten rings per metre. We can always paint more if more are required. 

Can I have my pole painted in any paint colour I like? 

Absolutely, just let us know the paint manufacturing colour and name. 

What is your longest length of pole I can have in one piece? 

We can provide lengths of pole up to 400cm and they can be cut to any length you require. 

Can I have a pole with an insert track (tracked pole)?

Yes, our tracked poles are made in our workshop so can be made to any specification you require. 

Can I have a tracked pole with rings? 

Yes, this is also known as an inverted track. 

Do you provide screws with the brackets?

No, this is because screws differ depending on the wall type and the weight which the pole will be holding. However if you would like us to paint the tops of your screws for disguising just let us know. 

I need a bracket made to fit an awkward space, is this possible? 

Yes, please provide a clear diagram with dimensions of what you require.

Can you colour match to a wood sample I have? 

Yes, this occurs a small surcharge.

Can you colour match to my fabrics? 

Yes, this also occurs a small surcharge depending on how many colours your require. 

What other finishes do you do?

We can finish your pole in either a - Dead Flat Finish, Standard Matte or a Gloss.