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Beautiful hand crafted Curtain Poles, finials and accessories to fit 35mm, 51mm, 63mm and 75mm Diameter poles, up to a 3.5 meter continuous length.

We use a carefully selected 28 Colour pallet with all items hand painted to order - including wood stains, washing and dry brushing finishes etc, we also offer our beautiful Moonplate and Bronze plate collection.

We also offer a bespoke colour matching service to complement your fabrics or interior design scheme and provide your clients with a uniquely tailored product suited to their needs


For metal colouring we offer the following finishes; antique brass, brass, satin nickel, chrome and bronze.



Tailored to your needs, we offer a truly bespoke service, as we source locally: hand carved, hand turner, blown glass, leather and blacksmith. You can choose to modify our designs, or have a one off design created.


We are more than happy to post out colour samples and loan our finials for matching and suitability.
Available on request, client items can be painted to match orders, i.e. picture frames, and furniture etc.

Worldwide shipping
All orders with the exception of made to order bay poles and our leather collection are completed with 28 days of ordering.


Poles  (Rods)
Wooden - 35 mm, 51 mm, 63 mm, 75 mm.
Wooden - Hand turned Barley Twist & Maypole in 51 mm 63 mm 75 mm.
Wooden - fluted  made turned to measure. Nice clean space for brackets & frames the flutes.
Bay Poles - made to measure 51 mm 63 mm 75 mm, also available - reeded with hand carved curves.
Insert tracts - Silent Gliss  - 51 mm 63 mm, 75 mm.
Electric Motorised track system.
Metro poles - available on requested.
Metal  Poles - standard 35 mm 51mm 63 mm 75 mm antique brass, satin nickel, chrome, brass, brushed chrome, bronze.

If your item is now shown above please contact us as bespoke orders are available on request.


A vast range over a 100 finials are available to order to fit 35 mm to 75 mm. All hand turned wooden finials can be made to suit your requirements.
Our in house designed / manufactured items including our wonderful resin finals are available in wide variety of styles and are painted to order,  wooden hand carved.
We use locally sourced companies that provide fabulous craftsmanship to the highest of quality for: hand blown glass, leather, wood turning, blacksmith, painted to order MCW colour palette, wood stained finishes, Dutch Metal, washes, distressed etc.


A wonderful selection is available – there is always a solution for windows with issues!
Wide range of resin designs can be stained to match: wooden, handmade metal (great for double poles),  leather etc.

All other items are available on request.
Metal brackets – architrave end’s and centre’s, adjustable, overclip / bespoke.



Wonderful designs in resin can be stained to match: hand turned wooden, hand blow glass, metal, leather, one off designs. You can also choose to cast your own design.


Tassels – Painted or wood stain match.
Wood rings - 35mm 51mm 63mm 75 mm.
Wooden C’rings - 51 mm  63 mm  75mm.
Metal rings - 35mm 51mm 63mm 75mm and other sizes to order.
Wooden draw rods – standard 1 metre length bespoke length optional.

Please note that if any items are not listed above, or you can not find what you are looking for, we can source these for you. We have a carefully selected network of craftspeople available for specialist enquiries.


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